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Arnie Bayer
Arnold "Arnie" Bayer was born in Hartford on Setember 29, 1937 to Jack and Tillie Bayer. From the time he was a small child, Arnie worked in the family business, Bayer's Milk. Riding the delivery trucks, he learned the name of every street in Hartford before reaching kindergarten. Arnie continued to work nights and weekends at the dairy well into adulthood. In his spare time, he loved going to the fights in New York City with his uncles. Arnie Bayer graduated from Bulkley High School and went on to the University of Connecticut where he met his future wife, Judith Nason, with whom he had two daughters, Teri and Melissa. After graduating from the UCONN Law School in 1961, Arnie established himself in private practice in Hartford and on a part-time basis, became one of the state's first public defenders. He went on to forge the partnership of Bayer, Odlum and Scheinblum with his dear friends Peter Odlum and Howard Scheinblum. The firm has evolved into Bayer, Odlum & Hyde. Through his work in the court system, Arnie became great friends with Julius "Johnny Duke" Gallucci, boxing manager and director of the Bellevue Square Boxing Club in the North end of Hartford. Duke reignited Arnie's love of boxing. The two formed a great team combining Duke's decades of experience in boxing with Arnie's organizational skills and financial support. Together the two trained professional boxers such as "Superb" Herb Darity and Hector "Cuchi" Ortiz. They also enjoyed spending time in and out of the gym with the young amateur fighters. The BSBC family traveled together throughout New England, New York and New Jersey. Tragically, on December 4, 1983, while taking a group of young fighters out for Sunday breakfast, as he did every week, Arnie Bayer was killed in a traffic accident.


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