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Orlando Montalvo
Orlando Montalvo and his wife Sandra came to Stamford in 1980 and got right down to the business of training amateurs. For their first 20 years, they taught in parks around the city and in their back yard, then spent 7 more years at Union Memorial Church. Montalvo was an amateur and professional boxer in Puerto Rico, where he and Sandra are from, and traveled around the world competing. In 1976, he ran with the Olympic Torch for the Pan Am games, and won the Bronze Medal in boxing for Puerto Rico. As an amateur, he competed in 125 fights, winning 110. Later, as a professional, he won 22 of 29 fights and became the No 10 contender among Jr. Middleweights. Montalvo was recently notified that he will be inducted into the Puerto Rico's Amateur Hall of Fame. Most would be thrilled yo be inducted into one hall of fame. With this induction, Montalvo will complete a rare daily double!


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