The Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame was founded in 2004 to honor and celebrate the careers of outstanding individuals involved in the sport of boxing, with it's 1st Annual Induction Ceremonies & Dinner starting in 2005. Connecticut's rich boxing history could never have flourished if it weren't for the achievements of those enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

As a non-profit organization, the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame is deeply committed to keeping the fighting spirit of Connecticut thriving through various charitable contributions.

The Board of Directors includes President John Laudati, Peter Hary Jr-Senior Vice President, George Phillips-Vice President, Renee Phillips-Secretary and Christopher Mund-Treasurer. Other board members include Kim Baker, Sherman Cain, Johnny Callas, Jason Concepcion, Glenn Feldman, Dick Flaherty, Robin Hayes, Mark Langlais, Sean Malone Jr, Mike Mazzulli, Bill Morande, Kenneth Reels, Chris Renstrom, Roland Roy, Dan Schiavone, John Scully, Marlon Starling, Mike Stergio, Maynard Strickland & Donald Trella.


Dr. Tony Alessi
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Professor Charles Hadley
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